Whether you’re a first home buyer, refinancing or restructuring, building new, topping up, or creating a property investment portfolio – our Mortgage team is here to help you.

As mortgage advisers we provide unbiased advice on your home lending options. Our expert adviser Richie Knight can assist you to get the best interest rate and optimal loan repayment structure to suit your needs.

What we do

We want what’s best for you and our advice will support that

At Cosgroves you’ll deal with the same person who will periodically keep in touch with you throughout the lifecycle of your loan. So, if you need to restructure, refinance or it’s time to build your dream home, we’ll ensure you get the most out of any changes. Our highly experienced Mortgage Adviser has all the answers to your mortgage questions. You’ll be guided by an expert who’ll make it easy for you to understand your options.

Call us, and together with you, we’ll get your mortgage working efficiently so you can achieve your goals faster.

Building a new home

Flexihome Finance
We build the best partnerships to get you the best results

If you’re looking for comprehensive home finance advice and assistance, we are there with you from the start to finish and beyond. Our service goes well beyond essential mortgage brokering services.

We are your guide, the team coach who knows all the right moves and best people to have on our team.

By bringing the best team together, we guarantee the very best outcome for every player

We guide you with focused advice regarding finance and the co-ordination of everything associated with it. A typical process might include:

  • Assessing your budget and exploring options.
  • Securing finance that suits your needs.
  • Structuring your loan so it works for you.
  • Liaising with developer and builder.
  • Co-ordinating valuation.
  • Co-ordinating progress valuation if required.
  • Co-ordinating progress payments, and
  • Answering any financial questions you have along the way.
At no cost to you

We are remunerated by the lender. Partner with Flexihome Finance and make your home finance a complete team effort today.

Buying a home

Home finance that works in your best interest

Getting the right advice about your mortgage isn’t always easy. That’s one of the reasons our clients choose to deal with us; we’re independent Registered Financial Advisers. Our advice about your mortgage options is unbiased. We want to see your biggest asset and your financial future working well for you; helping you achieve your short and long term goals.

There are lots of choices and it won’t cost you any more to use an adviser. In fact, our aim is to save you money wherever we can.

Investment Properties

Finance that works for you now, and into the future

To create an investment portfolio of property your finance needs to be structured correctly. That’s where our in-depth understanding of property investment can help you. We’ll work alongside you, your accountant, property manager, real estate agent and solicitor to ensure the financing of your investment properties to help achieve your long-term goals.

Whether you’re new to the property investment market or looking to expand an existing portfolio, we’re here to help you.

Your loan working for you

Structuring your home loan to work for you

A well-structured mortgage means it’s working for you, not you for it. There are plenty of options as to how to best structure your mortgage, and we’re here to guide you as to what will benefit you the most today, and give you flexibility in the future too.

Contact us via email or phone 03 377 5691 to arrange a meeting with Richie.