In business and in life, hoping for the best is something that comes quite naturally. At Cosgroves, we share a very positive outlook for a bright future, but we also know that ‘hoping for the best whilst preparing for the worst’ is the wisest form of future planning. We specialise in personal, business and farming insurance


Hoping for the best whilst preparing for the worst is the wisest form of future planning

What our customers have to say..

Like we say to friends when we talk about Mark and Richie – they’re just good guys! It’s not like dealing with a large institution over the phone, where you feel like just another number. At Cosgroves you get a personal experience from people who genuinely care about your success. And in our book, that’s totally worth recommending.

We are very confident that, based on Mark’s advice, we now have the back-up we need in terms of insurance cover, and its actually resulted in a significantly lower premium than what we had in Australia. We can certainly recommend the Cosgrove team for mortgage and insurance advice and have no hesitation referring them.

My advice to anyone, and especially to those starting out in business, is to get the right insurances in place. Start it as young as you can as the premiums are lower that way. What happened to me can happen to anyone. Insurance has given us options and that’s made a huge difference. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to face this with a mortgage or big commitments, and no insurance. Talk to Mark – he’s the professional I trust and highly recommend to everyone.

“I met Mark 10 years ago. He was referred to me as a specialist in life and business insurance. At the time I knew I needed cover, but I didn’t know exactly what. I wasn’t familiar with the options, and I’d never considered the many possibilities that can happen in life.”

“Being in business for 35 years has been a great experience. It’s exciting and exhilarating, but it’s not without risk. My insurance needs over the years have varied as the company has grown from an owner-operated small business to an operation employing 300 staff.”